Jan. 19th, 2012

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Today was another day that had my coworkers and I agreeing vehemently that we needed colder weather. It's not been below freezing more than five days, this winter. We need a nice, hard freeze, lasting about a week. Preferably with snow, to get us out of work and make things worthwhile. Also, the nature trail near my apartment looks enough like Narnia when covered in snow that I can get away from the city for a while, at least in my head.

Dreamed I was being chased by Nazgul across Rohan, last night. But half-way through the dream they became the Black Riders of the Dark, who were... trying to steal the Ring from Middle-Earth and use it to take over their own world (Merry Christmas, you tools of the Light!). It was a pretty epic dream. Lots of pretty landscapes and chasing and suspense. I don't know. I blame Mark. :D

*insert segue here* I've always been plagued by brittle nails, so locating a nail-strengthening lotion that is so far working like a charm has put me in a pretty good mood. Also, I'm developing calluses from playing the ukulele, which means my fingers don't hurt as much from trying to play those silly E and E-minor chords in Hotel California. Also, F# chord? OW. After half an hour of playing, my fingers don't want to bend like that. But the ukulele is also awesome and joy-inducing.

Lessee, what else. Oh. SOPA. Depressing and worrying. Joined in the black-out yesterday (or is it day before yesterday by now? *eyes clock*), and posted information about it on facebook. Had to explain to a coworker what it would mean if the bill passed. They were thoroughly shocked.

As anyone in their right mind would be.

I was also depressed by the fact that my sourdough starter seems to have gotten some unhappy bacteria in it, because it smelled metallic today when I pulled it out to make pancakes, and I threw away the pancakes after one bite because they tasted bad. I'd been so careful! I liked that sourdough starter. We had made delicious bread and pancakes and pizza dough together! *epic sads*

In conclusion (and don't think I'm not aware how disjointed this post is; I'm lacking sleep), I'm really liking Dreamwidth. And I need new icons. So let me know if anyone knows a good source for images/icons of:

-tea/cups of tea/pretty tea
-saplings/baby trees
-epic landscapes (preferably mountains or forests)
-foxes (drawn or real)
-Very Fancy Doilies




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