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Long time, no progress report, I know. I finished the third day of the Hobbits' journey to Rivendell, and they spent the night at Frodo's place in Crickhollow. Currently, I'm five miles into the fourth day, reaching the Bonfire Glade in the Old Forest.

78 of 458 miles to Rivendell
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After a week of walking about three miles every other day, I've gone nine more miles down the road towards Rivendell. After hearing the bone-chilling cry of the Black Riders, the hobbits have left the woods behind them. The land is steadily becoming more tame, and the sun is shining over the Shire.

55 of 458 miles to Rivendell
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Another six miles on the road to Rivendell. FINALLY finished the second day of the hobbits' travels to Rivendell. The sleep on a green floor in the wood, roofed by boughs of trees. To the east a steep shoulder falls, where they can overlook the river valley. The lights of the village of Woodhall can seen below.

They say that they'll get a late start the next day, but that apparently won't slow them down at all. Whew!

Total: 46 of 458 miles to Rivendell (YAY I'M OVER A TENTH OF THE WAY THERE!)
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2.2 more miles, today, for a cumulative 40 miles. Hobbits still singing. One more mile to go before the elves arrive. ^__^ Hopefully will get there tomorrow.

Total: 40 of 458 miles to Rivendell


Feb. 27th, 2012 12:19 am
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Over the last week or so, I've walked (little by little) six more miles on my way to Rivendell, putting me at 38 miles down the road.

Currently, the hobbits are singing as they walk through the evening dusk. ^_^

Total: 38 of458 miles to Rivendell
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Whew! I feel triumphant. I added seven miles of walking this afternoon, so I'm now 32 miles on my way to Rivendell. Currently, the Hobbits are being menaced by a Black Rider and I'm being menaced by blisters. Ow, my feet.

32/458! Wheeeeeee!
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Had a lovely twelve hours of sleep last night. Woke up feeling better than I did, and had an omelet for lunch, then went for a walk. Walked along the trail near my apartment and met a lot of people out with their dogs, enjoying the suddenly awesome (if annoyingly unseasonable) weather. Got a good three miles in, so I'm now twenty-five miles into the Hobbits' journey to Rivendell, or seven miles into their second day.

I may get on the treadmill and do another mile or so later tonight. I gotta make up for the last few days of not feeling well.

Another three-chord song has been discovered by me just noodling around on my ukulele. Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star, Amazing Grace, and Kum-by-yah all can be played using the C-F-G7 chords exclusively. It's rather fun to mush them together. Also, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" just uses those three plus E minor. The F# chord still hurts to play, but not as much. Lately, I've been getting the feeling that my left hand has been getting stronger. Thank goodness. *employs stress-ball, aggressively*
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Damn those hobbits move fast. I got two more miles in, tonight, putting me at a total of 22 miles in my Walk to Rivendell, or four miles into the hobbits' second day. HOW ARE THEY SO FAST?

But I should be able to get two more miles in tomorrow. It's supposed to be sunny and 60 degrees. :D
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Started the Walk to Rivendell Challenge a few weeks ago. Added two miles today while hiking the Lost Valley up to Eden Falls, which puts me twenty miles into the Hobbits' journey, two miles into their second day (damn those swift hobbits!), into the "Road rolls up and down" section.

Hope I don't get caught by nazg├╗l.
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