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1) Ahi Tuna Tartare. Heaven on a plate with caviar. Much love to the barman at that restaurant. He offered good conversation, and chose not to charge me for the coffee, even though I reminded him.

2) Fireworks. Epcot has the best fireworks show anywhere, and we got to see them from the island they were being shot from, so...straight up in the air fireworks display. Love.

3) Nineteen kinds of Fireworks being used. *blinks*

4) Seaworld RollerCoaster "Kraken". Went on it two times and had to be dragged away. Much upside-down and twisted love for this thing.

5) Rhymes about Seeing the Turtles at "Turtle Bay" in Seaworld. *blinks again*

6) The Viking Ship Slide at the pool of our hotel. *grins*

7) Rereading "The Blue Sword". More love for that book each time I read it.

8) Realizing that King Corlath had nineteen Riders. *stares*

9) Getting sunburned. Seaworld has far too much pavement for it ever to be cool there.

10) Atlanta Airport. Traci does not like being on a Tram that says "The next stop is Concourse C, as in 'Charlie'". *hyperventilates*

11) Parents didn't understand why I didn't like the Tram.

12) Four hours of Bullshit. I do not see how Dad stands his job.

13) Four hours of fake smiles and false amiability. I mean, really, you people.

14) Teaching a kid about Norse Mythology and getting that wide-eyed look of morbid fascination when I tell her about Ragnarok all the while knowing that I will be late for the Ragnarok plot because of the late flight...grrrrr.: fulfilling.

15) The look on the aforementioned kid's mother's face when I told about how the Vikings believed the world was created? Priceless.

16) The name of our hotel had nineteen letters in the name. *feels dizzy*

17) "Disney Medical Express". Horrifying.

18) Getting Mom to go on the Wild Artic ride at Seaworld. Hee hee hee.

19) Having tickets which had us sitting on row 19 of the plane... on both flights. *faints*

It was a great trip.

Now we're on another one. And I'm half-way through with the second of the Dream Socks. Woot!

Best part of this trip is that I have at least some computer and internet access. Thank the Landlord. *cough*



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